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Quo vadis PIDAL?

On 10 January 2023, a majority of board members of the PIDAL swimming pool (members of LSAP/Är Leit and CSV from Steinsel and Lorentzweiler) will put to a vote a project including the reconstruction of the 3rd floor of the PIDAL building. This floor currently includes a wellness area with a seawater pool, rooms for body care (epilation, facial care, hand & foot care) and two relaxation rooms. However, these infrastructures for the citizens are barely used at the moment, which is why it was already unanimously decided to close the seawater pool. They now want to rebuilt the floor and use it exclusively for administrative purposes in the future.

The floor covers a total of 345.65 square metres (m2). The following is planned:

  • 131.5 m2 for offices (36.2 / 30.69 / 26.08 / 24.73 / 13.8 m2)
  • 104.53 m2 for meeting rooms (52.48 / 34.67 / 17.38 m2)
  • 77 m2 for a kitchen area

Déi gréng think it makes sense to make better use of an underused infrastructure. However, it cannot be that these spaces are now no longer available to citizens, but are to be used for completely oversized individual offices and a kitchen area.

For comparison:

  • the entire administrative area of the technical service, e.g. of the municipality of Walferdingen, uses 180 m2 of office space (with corridor and staircase included),
  • many people live in areas smaller than several of these offices, let alone the kitchen area.

These remodelling plans are unacceptable to us and absolutely do not represent a rational use of public money.

The local sections of déi gréng of the communes of Walferdange, Steinsel and Lorentzweiler demand:

  • a revision of the plans and therefore no hasty vote on 10 January 2023
  • a future use of the premises in the interest of the citizens, with for example:
    • one or two multifunctional rooms for courses, such as yoga, bodyshape, Pilates or Zumba
    • the renting of part of the premises to, for example, physiotherapists or psychomotricians
    • the use of a small part of the floor for administrative purposes.
For déi gréng Walfer
Jessie Thill & Guy Urbany
Échevine & conseiller communal
For déi gréng Steesel
Liz Paulus & Nora Bohler
For déi gréng Lorentzweiler
Carole Ney & Armand Kremer
Conseillers communaux